Your Kindle Needs Repair

Your kindle needs repair battery invalid . Are you getting “your kindle needs repair” error message. Troubleshooting this error is very easy . We have to do_factory_restore kindle fire.

Follow these steps

Your Kindle Needs Repair


  1. On your computer create a “FILE” called DO_FACTORY_RESTORE. This file should have no extension. So if you are using a text editor to create it, then make sure to save it without .txt extension or you can delete this afterwards.
  2. Plug your Kindle Fire into your computer.
  3. The Kindle fire will show up as a drive, but this drive will quickly disappear. So as soon as it shows up, you hae to open the Kindle Drive folder and quickly copy paste the file DO_FACTORY_RESTORE to the root of the kindle as fast as possible.
  4. Now Eject the Kindle from your computer. (Safely remove device on a PC).
  5. Hold down the reset button on your Kindle to reboot it.
  6. If all goes well it will do a complete factory restore.
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