Top 4 Free Alarm Clocks App For Kindle

Light sleepers may necessitate a little history noises throughout the night time, while profound sleepers need louder alarms to wake them each day. There are even alarm clocks that utilize light technology rather than traditional security alarm functions, thus enabling a steady, continuous sunrise in your bedroom. Folks are finicky about their sleeping patterns, but, luckily, there are noisy alarms out there to complement almost every lifestyle for you kindle fire tablet. Listed below are 4 of our own favorites free alarm clock app for kindle fire tablet.  These are free on Amazon App store to download on kindle fire.

  1. Alarm Clock for Me free

Product features

  • Alarm Clock: you will wake up to pleasant tunes
  • Weather information: this alarm clock will check live local conditions and temperature
  • Sleep Timer: fall asleep to white noise
  • Night stand mode: you can turn your device into a gorgeous bed-side clock
  • Portrait and landscape modes: this clock works perfectly in both orientations
  • Multiple alarm support: you’ll never oversleep or miss any important events
  • Background alarm support: alarm will ring and wake you up even if the app is not running
  • Shortcuts on the main screen: get easy access to the alarms and sleep timer
  • Dimming feature: change the screen brightness so that it doesn’t blind you.

Download and Install Alarm Clock for Me free on Kindle fire Oasis tablet from Amazon App store

  1. Alarm Clock Xtreme Free + Timer

Product features

  • Alarm Clock Xtreme Free features:
  • Music alarm – choose your favorite music
  • Crescendo – gentle alarm volume ramp up
  • Random song alarm
  • Math problem solving to snooze/disable
  • Extra-large snooze button
  • Nap alarm with countdown timer
  • Decreasing snooze duration after every snooze
  • Set a maximum number of snoozes
  • Auto-snooze
  • Auto-dismiss
  • Built-in Timer

Download and Install  Alarm Clock Xtreme Free + Timer on Kindle fire HDX tablet from Amazon App store. Have you tried installing google play store on kindle fire tablet to access wide range of apps.

  1. Alarm Clock HD

Product features

  • Play your favorite music or playlist to wake you up gently
  • Automatically read the latest social media updates Twitter)
  • Fall asleep with relaxing songs, podcasts and audio books using the built-in Sleep Timer.
  • Instant flashlight option by shaking the device
  • Unlimited colours to personalize you clock

Download and Install Alarm Clock HD on Kindle fire HD tablet from Amazon App store

  1. Alarm Clock

Product features

  • 4 types of stylish designer clocks – analog dark, analog light, digital dark, and digital light
  • Unlimited alarms and timers – set them multiple times, one at a time, repeating or recurring, with tunes from your own phone library
  • Flexible and intuitive algorithm for alarm activation
  • Alarm Clock presents a lot of customization options to best suit your flavors
  • 3 types of notifications – next alarm, missed alarms, present active alarms
  • One size fits all – Alarm Clock utilizes unique architecture that equally
  • Intuitive app settings – get an easy access to all options you need
  • Auto adjustment for alarms while changing time zones
  • Alarm Clock is built from the ground up with native tablet support
  • The entirely free Alarm Clock is pretty and lightweight and you can use it as a nightstand clock

Download and Install Alarm Clock on Kindle fire tablet from Amazon App store

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