How to Speed Up the Silk Browser

A few tips on how to speed up Silk Browser

The biggest complaint so far about the Kindle Fire is the browser speed. Silk is slow, despite the hype by Amazon. But don’t fret, there is a way to make Silk run faster!

Why is Silk so slow?

The default setting of the Kindle Fire browser is set to ‘desktop’ mode. This creates two problems. Flash is automatically enabled on this setting and Flash chokes the Silk browser and slows it down. The second problem is running a desktop browser on a 7 inch screen. It’s just not efficient and it slows down the browser.

How to Speed up the Silk Browser

Open your browser, hit the menu button at the bottom of your screen, then hit Settings.

You will see the options you need to speed up Silk. Do the following:

1. Enable plug-ins: Turn to off

(This turns off Flash, which will make a huge difference to browser speed. Youtube will still work fine without the Flash plugin enabled. Be warned that If you change the plug-ins to allow them on demand, you will get a lot of annoying prompts).

2. Accelerate page loading: Uncheck this.
(You don’t need to optimize page loading if you’re on a fast wifi connection at home.)

3. Desktop or Mobile view: Switch to Mobile.
(Once you switch to the mobile view, you will end up seeing the mobile version of most sites, but this isn’t a bad thing because these sites are better optimized for a 7 inch screen size. Now you won’t have to zoom in on every page load.)

Now go enjoy your fast Silk browser.

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