Root your Kindle Fire Tablet in 5 minutes

Did you know there is a safe, secure and simple way of rooting your Kindle Fire tablet? You can root kindle fire hdx 8.9, hd 7, 1st gen. It keeps you away from all tiresome process. It just consumes five minutes of your time to provide you all the root access of your device. This process does not require a computer, laptop or mac book. So root kindle fire hdx without computer.

What does it mean to root a kindle fire?

Rooting a kindle tablet is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking, may have heard in connection with iPhone. Rooting give advantages to the user, such as increase in the functionality via previously restricted applications.

Let’s explore this smart technique right away.

Step 1-Allow Kindle to install apps from other sources

Amazon doesn’t want you to root the device and use the original benefits of android. So, they don’t have the application to root the device in the Kindle store. In order to install the root application, you have to navigate to Settings-> Applications and make sure that Apps from Unknown Sources is enabled.

Step 2 Install a file manager Android application

The next step is to install a file manager application in your device. This application will help you to install the root application in your device. We recommend you to download Astro file manager or ES file explorer from Amazon kindle store.

Step 3 – Download the root application

After all the preliminary settings are done, you have to download the root application from internet. So, navigate to, give a soft touch to the lambda sign and download the root application with ease.

Step 4 – Install the root application in your device

Now open your file manager, navigate to the download folder, spot the tr.apk file, click on it to open the file and install the application on your device.

Step 5 – Click to Root your Kindle Fire HDX

Your Kindle Fire HDX needs a minimum of 50% battery to ensure hassle free rooting process. Now, let’s get started. Open the root application, click on the big make it rain button and your device starts rooting.

Step 6 – Install a root management application

A lot of application will start using the root access. In order to effectively manage it, you need to install a root management application. All you need to do is visit this link from your kindle, download the Super Su application and install it on your device. As soon as the application is installed in your device, you need to update the binaries.

You can also download google play store app on kindle fire tablet

Final word

The entire rooting process just takes 5 minutes. It will give you a lot power to extract the maximum benefits of your Kindle fire HDX tablet. Do let us know your experience by using this method.

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