Carousel view or App Grid view !!! Navigation Guide For Fire Phone

Navigating your Fire Phone .Your smartphone has three primary areas of the screen, middle, a left and a right status bar.

Kindle Fire Phone : Carousel view or App Grid view

You can access from the home to items in the carousel view, or the app grid view.

  • The carousel view:
    • Go to the carousel view,and take your finger left or right to navigate in the carousel. Content that was recently called to display first.
    • Estimates show of elements:Under most elements in the carousel you can find a preview of the important contents such as your latest text messages, e-mails or photos in the news – E-mail and Photos app, recommendations, leading to a eBook fit or recently accessed settings.
    • Tap an item in the carousel or one of the above elements shown to open it directly.
    • App-Grid View Switch:Press the Home Alternatively, you can also take your finger on the screen from the four app icons along the top.
    • A staple item in the carousel:Tap and hold an item and select from the pop-up menu at the front of  You can remove an item from the carousel, select by holding it and remove from the carousel.
  • The app grid view:
    • The App-navigate grid:if they span multiple screens, slide your finger on the screen downwards and upwards to access all your apps. Switch back and forth between the cloud and the device. In the upper left corner, you have the option of selecting the cloud. Here you can see all the apps that are available for download from your cloud. If you select “Device”, you will see all the apps that have been downloaded to your device.
    • Open an item:Tap an app to open it.
    • If you are in the app tile view, you can rearrange apps on your screen again.Tap and hold an app icon and drag it to a new location on your screen
    • To change carousel: Put your finger on the screen down to navigate back to the carousel.
    • Create a Collection:Drag the item (eg a book, video or an app) by drag-and-drop on a different element of the same media category. Then enter a name for your collection. For example, you can add an ebook in a collection of other books, but not in a collection that contains the apps.
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