Personalize your lock screen on Kindle Fire Phone

You can select from the available scenarios for the screen lock on your Fire Phone, or select individual photos as a screen lock.


  1. Go into your settings, tap the screen lock and then choose theme for your lock screen.
  2. Through the available Szenrien and tap it to get a preview of the locking screen Alternatively, you can tap my photo to select a personal photo, what should be displayed on the screen lock.
  3. Select the check box to set the lock screen or X to cancel.

Your photo will default rotate daily with all available images for the screen lock. To turn this feature off: Tap daily change of scenery at the upper end of the screen and choose the options from NIE.

Note: If the battery charge on your Fire Phone is low, respond Dynamic perspective scenery for your lock screen no longer on your movements to save battery life. From time to time we will provide additional scenes for lock screen of your Fire phones available.

Change screen lock

You may notifications on the lock screen (as the controls for playing music) or activate the option to wake up your phone when you receive new notifications.

If you display notifications on the lock screen, then tap and tap to open the respective app directly. If your kindle fire phone has a password or a PIN for the lock screen, you may need to enter it first, before you can call the action that you have selected. For more information, see Password or PIN set for the screen lock .

  1. Tap on the Settings screen lock and then notifications on the lock screen on or off at.
  2. Choose your display options:
    • Notifications turn:show notifications on the lock screen.
    • Wake for alerts.Allows your phone to wake up when you receive a message.
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