What to Do When Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On?

When you think of Android tablets, you simply cannot ignore Kindle Fire range by Amazon. Since its inception, Amazon has come with many upgrades that includes kindle hdx versions and is meant for all. Although it has success story beside it, there are certain problems and many of you complain that my kindle fire won’t turn on fully charged, even kindle fire hd didn’t turn on. Even if you too have the same type of query related to your kindle then you should know how to trouble shoot it, just don’t feel that my kindle will not turn on.  Reasons why kindle troubleshooting cannot turn on green light flashes are

Kindle Fire HD won’t turn on

Kindle Fire: Dead Battery

The most common reason for kindle fire will not turn on is drainage of battery. Kindle will not turn on until and unless you recharge the battery. If you want to know how to turn on a kindle fire then you need to plug in the Kindle and then press the power button. Remember if the battery has drained totally then it may take some time before the device starts rebooting. Do not think that my kindle won’t turn on. However, after leaving it for some time, if you still found that kindle not turning on while charging then you need to take professional help.kindle-fire-reset

Kindle Fire: Frozen System

Another reason why kindle fire not turning on is that it freezes occasionally. Then the device does not respond to any input, not even the power button. If you find that the Kindle has frozen when the screen is darkened or is off, then you may think that the device is off and it won’t boot at all. Under such situation, you need to shut down the device and for this just hold the power button for about 20 seconds. The screen may change after some seconds but do hold the power button. Leave the power button after holding it for 20 seconds and then reboot the device.

Kindle Fire: Broken Device

Even after trying all this you still found that kindle not turning on, then there is some other problem with your device and fire tablet won’t turn on until and unless you check the hardware. May be some of the system’s hardware may be broken. If any hardware of the system is broken then either you need to repair it or replace it. Under such circumstances it’s better to take professional assistance and get your Kindle Fire repaired.

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