Kindle Fire Vs iPad

Difference between Kindle Fire and Apple iPad


Finally. We have a contender. Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is ready to get in the ring and duke it out with the reigning tablet champion, the iPad. The Kindle Fire tablet is leaner, lighter and most importantly, easier on the wallet. Priced at $199, the Fire tablet is a great alternative to the iPad on price alone. iPad pricing starts at $500.

And at a svelte 7 inches, the Kindle Fire is easily carried on your person; in your coat pocket or purse. Its more durable construction stands up to wear and tear better than the delicate iPad. The Kindle Fire screen is 7 inches, about 2 inches smaller than the iPad, but the resolution is the same. The Kindle only weighs 14.6 ounces. The size of the Fire tablet is closer to the size of a book, probably because Kindles started out as eReaders.

With Amazon’s Cloud Drive you never have to worry about losing your files again. Store all your files in your Cloud drive and rest easy if your Kindle is lost or stolen. The Fire comes with 8GB and the first 5GB is free on the Cloud. ALL your music is free to store. If you lose your iPad, all your media is lost too.

Amazon’s huge advantage over the iPad is its enormous library of content that’s delivered seamlessly to right to the Fire. If you like to read, Amazon’s Kindle Store offers more than 1¬†million books, while Apple’s iBookstore has just over 200,000 titles. Millions of songs, games, tv shows and movies are available with just one click. Web browsing is available using Amazon’s own browser, Silk. The Kindle Fire operates on Wifi. It doesn’t have 3G, but at $199, it doesn’t have to.

The Kindle Fire is all play and no work. Amazon focuses on users who are interested in consuming media, not creating it. You have a computer for work. Amazon created a tablet for people who want to play; check your email, update your Facebook status, read magazines, watch a movie, or have a game of Angry Birds… A tablet only needs the features people use, at a price they want to pay.

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