Speed Test: Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

Erik Franklin of CNET puts the iPad and the Kindle Fire toe to toe in a battle for speed supremacy

First off, Franklin loaded CNET.com on both devices. The iPad loaded in 3 seconds and the Kindle Fire loaded in 13 seconds. Next up he loaded Businessweek.com because Amazon recommends this site as they think it will load really fast on the Kindle Fire. The iPad loads in 4 seconds and the Kindle Fire is behind 10 seconds again, loading in 14 seconds.

Next up, Franklin tries loading an APP, Angry Birds HD3 on iPad 2 and Angry Birds Rio on the Kindle fire. He doesn’t count the time ending until he can launch both apps. Both are 18 mgs in size. The iPad came in at 24 seconds and the Kindle Fire at 42 seconds.

NOTE: CNET tested the speeds pre launch of the Kindle Fire and plans to do more speed tests to see if Amazon’s speeds improve.

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