Kindle Fire screen replacement and repair guide

Kindle Fire is an amazing reader or you can say tablet if you use it for more than as a reader. It has made reading books very easy, it’s very light in weight which means that you can carry it anywhere, while it also fix in your pocket. But, because it is an electronic product, which can be damaged or break due to your mistake or accidentally.

Amazon offer warranty in case of any damage including screen or LCD but this warranty does not last forever and you cannot claim warranty on every type of damages, specially on head-wear. One of the most popular issue which Kindle Fire users face is screen damage. It is not really a common issue or Amazon has used a cheap quality of screen but still it can be damaged due to number of reasons. For example my Kindle Fire screen was broken because i mistakenly sit on that.

kindle fire screen repair

There is no need to be worried about in case if your Kindle Fire screen has been damaged because they are available to purchase separately on Amazon and its verified suppliers while it does not cost a lot. Normally Kindle Fire’s screen can be purchased from $15 to $50, its depend on the version of Kindle while screen size and type of screen you want to purchase, where the Kindle Fire screens are available in many different types of options like Wi-Fi antenna and web can etc.

You can ask for an expert to replace your Kindle Fire screen. In case if there is no professional available to replace in your area, town or even city then you can replace it by your own without having an experience. for this purpose you need to required:

  • Plastic opening Tools kit which cost no more than $2-$5
  • Kindle Fire HD new screen, the one you want to replace.

You can open the casing of Kindle fire with the help of plastic opening tools kit and remove the damaged screen and replace it with the new one.

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