Kindle Fire Review: Business Insider

Business Insider gives us a brief video look-over of the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire has received lukewarm reviews so far but there’s still a lot to like. Amazon has a massive content library for music, movies, and TV shows, so you’ll never be at a loss for something to watch. As an added bonus, you get a free a two month trial to Amazon Prime so you can stream unlimited movies for free.

But the real secret to the Kindle Fires early success is it’s super low price point. At just $199 it’s still a good value despite the multiple flaws that come with the device. For example the Silk web browser Amazon has been bragging about for two months doesn’t perform as well as expected. It’s lagging, pages don’t zoom in quite right and it even crashes sometimes. Also don’t like AMazon’s poor selection of apps. Amazon decided not to have googles official Android market this time, instead choosing its independent app store.

That means you don’t have the wide selection you would on an Android device. You’re going to miss out on a lot of essential tablet apps like Gmail, calendars and productivity apps.

You should also keep in mind that Amazon designed the Kindle Fire as a content delivery device. So it has a very low storage, just 8 gigabytes and no camera for taking photos. If you want to use your tablet for reading, watching videos, or listening to music, the Kindle Fire is an incredibly great value at $199. However if things like email, calendar, note taking and taking photos are important to you, you’re better off with the iPad.

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