Kindle Fire’s Missing Features that We Don’t Miss

Do We Really Miss Kindle’s Missing Features?

Now that people have their hands on the new Kindle Fire, reviews are popping up everywhere you look. And in the year of the tablet, everyone is quick to compare the Kindle Fire to the iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook and every other tablet on the market. A lot of reviewers are eager to point out what is missing from the Kindle Fire. As a stand alone device, the Amazon Kindle Fire is revolutionary because it’s so affordable. We agree some features are missing, but we don’t think they’re missed.


The Kindle Fire has no camera. So what. How many people do you see taking photos with their iPad. And if you have seen anyone snapping away with their iPad, they look ridiculous. The camera feature on a tablet is primarily for communicating over Skype, like talking to your boyfriend while he’s away on business. The Kindle Fire is a media consumption device, not a media making device. If you need a camera, go buy one on Craigslist for $50 or use your iPhone like everyone else.

Expansion Slot

The Kindle Fire has no micro SD expansion slot like the Nook. Instead, the Fire has 8GBs of storage with about 6GBs you can actually use. That’s enough to store at least 6 movies. Or 12 TV shows. Around 1000 songs. Up to 200 books. That should be more than enough to entertain a person flying to Australia. Or keep a bookworm busy on an overnight camping trip. Who spends more than 24 hours away from wifi anymore? When you run out of hard storage, go to the cloud. Amazon’s Cloud storage is among the most competitively priced storage on the Internet.


The Kindle Fire only comes in a wifi model. What did you expect for $200? The cheapest version of the 3G iPad starts at $630, more than three times the price of the Fire. If you need 3G, tether the Kindle to your phone. Hotspots are more common than Starbucks these days. Find one.


The Kindle Fire has no microphone. Give it a couple years. The speakers are adequate, but that’s why we have headphones and external speakers.

$600 Pricetag

The Kindle Fire does not have a $600 pricetag because it isn’t an iPad. So if you’re wondering why the Kindle Fire is missing a few features, look to the pricetag. The Kindle Fire may not include revolutionary features, but that’s the tradeoff that comes with the Fire’s revolutionary price. Amazon’s newest gadget is going to be a big winner without the bells and whistles.





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