Kindle Fire Battery Won’t Charge

Electronic devices are presently the best mate of everyone, but there are issues that are to be dealt too while using them. Kindle fire charging problems are one such issue that is faced by the people who are using this latest gift by Amazon. If you know some simple steps that you can do to resolve the problem of kindle fire battery won’t charge, then you may not have to take your kindle for repairing or replacement. The steps mentioned here would surely help you when kindle fire wont charge.

Check the simple mistakes firstkindle-fire-reset

If you are thinking that my kindle won’t charge, then check some simplest mistakes that you may have done that is the cause behind kindle fire hd will not charge. Instead of complaining that my kindle fire won’t charge, check the outlets first. Most of you change your devices overnight and then it is very common to forget to switch on the outlet. If you find that it is fine and the charger and the devices are working properly then change the outlet.

If you found that kindle will not charge even after switching on the outlet, and then check all the other outlets in your home. It is unlikely that all of them are malfunctioning and thus resulting in kindle troubleshooting won’t charge. You may also try another charger as there may be some fault in it. If you found that kindle not charging with the charger of the Kindle Fire, then try some other compatible charger. If the issue is resolved then you need to replace the charger.

Checking and resolving other problems

Even after this entire if you still found that kindle fire won’t charge then you needs to restart the system. With most desktops and laptops, many problems are resolved when you restart the system. Upon restarting the configurations are shuffled and adjusted which releases the blocked memory and shut down unused applications that are creating problem. Now after restarting, you still found that kindle fire battery will not charge, then you need to hard reset the system.

Next step that you may take to resolve the problem kindle fire will not charge is hard resetting the problem. When hard reset is done the battery and other peripherals of the Kindle is detached and then power drain is done. Through hard reset you do the same to the hardware that restart does to the software.

However, if still nothing works and you complain that “my kindle won’t charge” then Factory reset is the last resort. Upon successful factory resetting the problem of kindle wont charge should be resolved.

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