Kindle Fire’s December Software Update

December 12,2011 – Kindle Fire Software Update

Amazon is releasing a software update for the Kindle Fire in less than two weeks – a great Christmas present for early adopters of the Kindle Fire. And less complaining from those who get find a Kindle under the Xmas tree this year. Fire tablet users have a few complaints about browsing speeds and performance issues. This update should speed up the Silk browser. Silk has not lived up to its promises of being faster because of Amazon’s cloud servers. Hopefully Amazon has worked out some of the bugs with regard to speed and performance.

The home-screen carousel is another big complaint about the Kindle Fire. At this point in time, users are not able to edit the list of recently used items. For example, this makes it difficult to share the Kindle Fire between kids and adults at home. Basically, there’s no parental control.¬†Who wants little Jonny browsing an online adult toy store that Daddy ordered a Christmas gift for Mommy on? We have become so used to covering our browsing tracks that some modicum of privacy seems like a no brainer when we need to share our devices. Amazon recognizes this now.

More update speculation includes the possible release of another version of the Kindle Fire device in the Spring. Amazon is coy about the buzz, but says to stay tuned. Based on popular opinion, Amazon will only have one more shot to get things right before someone else launches the next best thing. But really there’s no room to complain because the Kindle Fire does what it set out to do. The Fire seamlessly serves up all its bestsellers: books, apps and music.

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