Kindle Fire Battery Life

How to Extend the Life of your Kindle Fire Battery

Battery life of the Kindle FireAmazon promises up to eight hours of battery life for the Kindle Fire. But with apps, the browser running and music playing in the background, you might find the Fire doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Androids are battery hogs to be sure. But fear not, there are ways to prolong the battery life of your Kindle Fire after a solid charge.

Decrease the screen brightness. Unless you’re sitting on the beach in full sunlight (we wish!), you don’t need the brightness all the way up. Access the screen brightness on the settings toolbar. Only use what you need.

Disconnect the wifi if you’re not using it. Amazon claims the Kindle Fire gets 7.5 hours out of its battery with the wifi off, so take advantage of this battery saving option. Tap the gears icon at the top bar to turn wifi on and off.

Watch out for battery zapping apps. Some apps are hungrier than others. To monitor what’s zapping your battery, download the free Badass Battery Monitor from the app store. This app gives you a list of your apps sorted by power usage.

Avoid extreme temperatures. Lithium ion batteries don’t like hot and cold, they like room temperature. Cool temps will slow the battery down. Hot temps can permanently damage your battery.

Do a monthly charge cycle. Many batteries benefit from regular charge cycles. To perform a cycle, completely drain the battery and then recharge the battery until it’s fully charged. This prolongs a battery’s life span and performance.

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