Best 4 Antivirus App for Kindle Fire

When you’re using Kindle for reading e-books, you do not want the performance to lag. Each and every device for gadget which you use these days is susceptible to virus attacks. Moreover, you cannot know which files can be trusted these days. On Kindle also, since you’re consistently connected to the Internet, it would not be easy for you to protect your device unless and until you’re installing an antivirus. Most of the people do not really comprehend the need for installing an antivirus app on Kindle fire.

However, in order to protect your gadget and in order to have a seamless experience when browsing e-books, it is almost a necessity to use the antivirus applications. Most of the people do not even have any clue when it comes to the antivirus applications for Kindle fire tablet. You need to basically look at the antivirus applications which can detect the wide variety of viruses well as malware programs and other problems in your device like Trojan. When an antivirus app is able to detect all of these backdoor and problems in your device that is when you can be sure that it would be single hand keeping your device much more secure.

The hackers who are spreading these viruses and Trojan on your device, are constantly updating them. That is why, the antivirus app which you are getting should also be such that it is able to detect these ever-changing virus and Trojan programs so that you can keep your device protected during the entire time you are using it.

Today we would discuss about four such apps which you can opt for when you’re looking for an antivirus app for your Kindle. We would also go into the details of the features of these apps to give you a better idea.

1. Virus Protection Tool for Kindle Fire Devices (Zendley):

  • Easy to scan virus
  • Easy to quarantine
  • Scan different apps

2. Optimizer & Trash Cleaner Tool for Kindle Fire Tablets:

  • Optimize your device
  • Clean the Trash folder (Paid Feature)
  • Remove the virus (Paid Feature)
  • Increase the speed of your device

3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

  • Scanning and detecting and cleaning malware, including spyware and Trojans
  • Ability to scan each app for malicious code and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)
  • Notifications alerts if a link to a malicious website is detected in an incoming text message (SMS).
  • Scans your device for security risks and backdoor
  • Identifies applications that are constantly using GPS to track you
  • Google Maps on kindle fire

4. Mobile Security & Antivirus:

  • Increase the speed for Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets and optimize them (Kindle Fire 1st Generation not supported)
  • Free for lifetime (Basic Protection)
  • Proactive Anti-Theft take steps on detection of suspicious activity and sends its last location when battery is very low
  • Easy to track when stolen using cross-platform Anti-Theft web interface on
  • On-Charger Scan triggered when kindle is plugged in for charging
  • Download and Install Netflix on kindle fire
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