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TechRadar’s Look at the Kindle Fire

(British accent included!)

The Amazon Kindle Fire is what the the tech world likes to call a game changer,  with a super low price point giving tablets a whole new demographic. Although there is not even a hint of a launch in the UK market, the Kindle fire has gone on sale for just under $200 in the US. That’s cheap enough to bring it out of the luxury category which has blighted most tablets to date.

With the Apple iPad all but tying up the premium end of the market, the Kindle Fire pares back features, but manages to stay just sleek and sexy enough to appeal. Of course with Amazon selling the tablet for a loss, it’s looking to make its cash back on media purchases from its online stores. And it’s fair to say that this heavily shapes the user experience. In place of a more familiar android tablet home screen, we have a bookcase with categories markedly different than what we’re used to, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The focus for Kindle Fire is on media playback. And it excels at this. The seven inch screen is nice for movies, pretty good for books and fine for apps. The smaller form factor makes it relatively easy to hold in the hand, but it’s still a little on the chunky side. The Kindle Fire’s apps are not from the Android market place, which is very much a double edged sword. But some users will feel happy that Amazon checks each app before putting it on its virtual shelves.

Obviously a tablet’s key feature remains web browsing. And despite the creation of the Kindle Fire browser, there are some flaws. Especially for those who don’t fancy running all their traffic via Amazon’s servers.

All in the all the price allows us to overlook flaws like the lack of local storage and the lockdown experience. We must admit, this is likely to be a major player in the tablet game.

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