KindleFire versions

How do I know which kindle fire I have?

Kindle fire is having a wide range of models available. It can sometime be tough to determine that which kindle fire do I have. Here are some tips tricks to tell the kindle models apart based on three parameters Device model, Year Released, Specifications. You can also determine the version with kindle fire serial number […]

Kindle Fire-Serial-Numbers

Which Kindle Do I have? Serial Number Guide

To confirm, which Kindle model you have, you can utilize the serial number of your kindle device. On early models (Kindle 1, Kindle 2 & DX), it was physically visible on the device itself, on the back at the bottom (on the Kindle 1. It was under the back cover), and as well on the […]

KindleFire versions

Why your Kindle won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

Kindle by Amazon is one of the successful products, which has changed the way of reading book. According to many researched, the percentage of reading book has been double after the launch of Kindle by Amazon. Here is the list of some best books on kindle fire which we liked. Amazon has launched the various […]


Refurbished kindle Purchase Guide

Do you want to purchase Kindle Fire and got the word refurbished Kindle Fire at Amazon store and you are not aware about it? Do you want to know why refurbished kindle fire’s price is less than new Kindle Fire HD? If you don’t know about refurbished products or you have not purchased one before, […]

kindle fire screen repair

Kindle Fire screen replacement and repair guide

Kindle Fire is an amazing reader or you can say tablet if you use it for more than as a reader. It has made reading books very easy, it’s very light in weight which means that you can carry it anywhere, while it also fix in your pocket. But, because it is an electronic product, […]

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