Kindle Fire Battery

Best 4 Antivirus App for Kindle Fire

When you’re using Kindle for reading e-books, you do not want the performance to lag. Each and every device for gadget which you use these days is susceptible to virus attacks. Moreover, you cannot know which files can be trusted these days. On Kindle also, since you’re consistently connected to the Internet, it would not […]


Top 4 Free Alarm Clocks App For Kindle

We have Listed 4 of our own favorites free alarm clock app for kindle fire tablet. These are free on Amazon App store to download on kindle fire.


How to Install Mozilla Firefox Browser on Kindle Fire

Download and install FireFox browser on kindle fire hd , kindle fire hdx 8.9. FireFox is overall a good option as compare to kindle silk browser. You can speed up slik browser but FireFox on kindle is just awesome. Before Starting, Let’s enable install from unknown source option. For Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD: Go to Settings -> […]


Easiest Way to Loan Share Your Kindle Books

Kindle is an amazing device offered by Amazon. It allows you to have all your book collection in a small and portable device. There are many tricks and techniques that you can use to make the whole book reading experience more worthwhile. For instance, surprisingly many people who use Kindle might not know that some […]

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